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We address the root causes of digital transformation failure and help companies successfully orchestrate digital and business transformations. Reduces risk of failure by 85%. Establishing them as masters of radical change with a success rate 3-5x the norm. We don’t leave with the expertise we embed it in you.

We help you define and accomplish the transformation from strategy conception, opportunity and investment planning through execution and post-mortem. Maneuvering you past the common pitfalls, guiding you along every step of the treacherous path to fully realize the intended business objectives and benefits.

We can help you understand how your current transformation is performing. Rescuing struggling programs and mapping your route to success. Navigating the roadblocks that typically derail initiatives.

Alternatively we can coach your executives and high potentials to dream bigger, re-imagine the everyday, disrupt the status quo and deliver superior value.


Our Approach

A  three phase approach of Discover, Design and Drive. Discover identifies the opportunities and as-is state. Design provides the to-be state, implementation plan, business case and measurable ROI. Drive is the implementation and value realization phase. Our 87% success rate is built on battle tested frameworks and tools devised to address reasons for failure unearthed via comprehensive research.

Informed by a unique series of assessments we identify a tailored blend of ten key drivers that are statistically and experientially proven to effectively achieve major change. Collaboratively designing your Transformation Labs process and installing the Scott Method management system. We guide you through implementation from strategy creation to completion of your digital transformation. Building the capabilities needed for your company to transition from continuous improvement to continuous transformation.


Our Mission

To bring transformation success rates from today’s 15-30% up to 90%+. Creating healthy thriving companies who move from continuous improvement to continuous transformation. 

Featured Transformation Expert


About Our Firm

Andrew Scott has led digital and business transformations at some of the world’s top companies with a success rate of 87%. Three to five times better than average. His Transformation Labs process and Scott Method management system are battle tested globally and underpinned by his own experience and research, plus research from top consulting firms Accenture and PwC. Addressing key success factors, cultural and leadership capabilities as well as strategy, funding and change management.

Unlike with other agencies you won’t be paying for the junior consultants to be trained on your project and your dime. Nor will you see the expertise leave at the end of the engagement. Instead the capabilities and expertise will be developed and embedded in your company, along with detailed training materials based on your company project. Andrew is eager to help you & your company become a transformation master.

Digital Transformation Services

 Transformation Strategy: Working at the intersection of the business and IT we identify the opportunities aligned to the overall company strategy. Addressing the issues, decisions, actions and investments required to build a digital business. Shaping the direction of IT to align the overall business vision and objectives. Defining measurable improvements with financial opportunity sizing.

Transformation Playbook: Based on the strategy we help design the complete playbook of initiatives and their implementation plans. With detailed financials, metrics, technology architecture & roadmap, timelines change management plan, governance and risks.

Transformation Realization: From stakeholder buy in through realization of business objectives and financial benefits we will guide you through the implementation. At your side to troubleshoot issues, build momentum, and keep on track. Seeing you through to a state of continuous transformation. 

Executive Coaching

A twelve month program to help executives and high potentials stretch themselves and become transformative leaders. The overarching goal is for the leader to deliver extraordinary results. Together we will:

Help you become the leader your business needs. With a vision of who/what your company or organization will become and a culture that will achieve it.

As your “CEO Whisperer” I help you define a blueprint to win the confidence of your board and investors so they grant their full trust in your vital goals and priorities. Not a CEO? No problem we will do the same for your major stakeholders.

Your biggest opportunities can be found by looking outward. As the top leader in your company or organization you must create a 360 degree understanding of your environment (everyone else is focused on the inside). I help you discover and define opportunities based on new trends, new technology, new markets, new customers.

As your strategic thinking partner I will help you build a bridge between the outside world and the internal organization – developing a trusted team at the top, devising a powerful growth strategy, enabling operational excellence and integrating end-to-end processes.

I’ll encourage you and challenge you to make sure your organization executes, delivers this year’s numbers, and has a compelling story to tell Wall Street, investors and stakeholders for the current year and the future.

Acting as your go-to-sounding board I’ll help you; navigate your way through tough negotiations, deal with the constant stream of problems and overwhelming pace of business, managing multiple goals and priorities….all at once.


By the Numbers

87% of digital transformations successfully met financial targets/return on investment, and strategic objectives

New Products/Services

$ Value Created

Complete Digital Transformations

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Success Stories

“The Services Delivery transformation is contributing nicely to profits”

Andrew Scott led a services digital transformation increasing EBIDTA $986M

Mark Hurd

CEO, Oracle, Hewlett Packard

“The transformation in turn around times and engineering quality performance are outstanding. Andy’s dedication to improving operational performance has opened the door to new business”

Colin Matthews

Managing Director, BA Engineering

“Great first year for the new Strategy & Technology team led by Andy Scott. Both the operational excellence and growth initiatives have exceeded expectations. Well done team.”

Ann Livermore


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